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"I'll have time later"

Is this really a relevant reason to delay something that’s important enough to do today?

And — is it really a relevant reason to keep something around that’s not important enough to do today?

What using time in the future enables us to do is alleviate the tension of deciding today. We’re hiding.

What’s more, that time that feels so free in the future isn’t actually any more cheap than our time today; it simply feels that way. It’s a mirage.

This is a downward spiral of pressure, firefighting, and unmade decisions. Or we can make the choice of the professional — she decides, today.

If it’s important, there’s time.

If there’s no time, it’s not important.

It is a simple equation to determine what really matters to us.

Time is solid. It will always be solid. To think differently is to rob rob ourselves of responsibility, and with responsibility, the possibility to make a difference for ourselves.

If it matters, today is your chance to find the time.

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash
"I don't have time for that now."

Really? Are we sure about that?

Oh, it definitely sure feels like we don’t have time. We’re on the clock, under a deadline, buried in emails, behind schedule, or just simply “busy”. You name it, there’s plenty of instigators for feeling like we don’t have time.

But before we decide that we actually don’t have time for that thing right now, let’s consider — what will it cost us to put it off until later?

And for good measure — if it’s not important or valuable enough to make time now, are we really sure it should even stay on our list for later?

What would happen if we were to give each objective of our day our full, undivided best until the task was done? Then later could be preserved for giving our full best to something else, rather than picking up the pieces of a job half done.