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Ideally, we'd agree.

Ideally, everything would go the way we planned it.

Ideally, everyone would want the same things we want.

Ideally, we’d have all the info.

Ideally, nothing would go wrong.

Ideally, everyone would always act rationally. 

But then, of course, we'd all be the same, and I think the world would be a much more drab and colorless place. 

The world doesn't work this way. We don't always agree. Surprises happen. Things do go wrong. What an opportunity we have, on each occasion, to decide for ourselves how we want to show up in the world. 

It's tempting for us to give our power here over to the circumstances, or others who acted wrongly, or our fear. The truth is - our decisions are ours to own; what a gift.

So, yes, things are hardly ideal. Now, how do we choose to show up?

Trust and focus

Two of the most valuable currencies we have as humans to exchange. It’s important that anyone trying to make change in the world understand this to be true.

We fill up both our time and our energy with the things that we focus on.

And trust is the key to building something that endures.

It might be tempting to slot ‘attention’ in for either of these attributes. It’s not the same thing.

Without our trust, you’ve got no chance of keeping our attention. Without our focus, you’ve got no chance of holding our attention.

If you’re looking to create change, start by building something worth our focus — our attention alone is easily distracted. Then show up every day in a way consistent with your promises to earn our trust.

Photo by Levi Bare on Unsplash

Another word for unprofessional.

None of us are expecting you to always be right, or to make even one perfect decision for that matter. We do ask that you to decide. To make the best decision you can with the information you have. To understand that the other part of professionalism is showing up every day, and that tomorrow you get to decide again if you want to.

Positive outcomes are nice. Professionals, though, focus on the decision knowing that good decisions do not equal good outcomes. The value then is found in making lots and lots of good decisions. And to do that, we have to start by making the decision in front of us.

Professionalism said simply — show up daily (regardless of how we feel) and make decisions.

The hard work then is not done in understanding what it means to be a professional, but in deciding to be one.