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Going first

If the choice is clear, if the best is obvious, if the food is hot then, certainly, allowing others to go first is a generous decision.

If it's scary,
If it's unproven,
If it asks for vulnerability,
If it takes humility,
If it requires integrity,
If the outcome isn't certain,
If the way forward is unclear,

What a generous time to go first.

Leadership is about seeking out the opportunities to go first generously.

Going first

The thing that few people choose to share about leading is that by accepting the role of leader, we are also accepting the responsibility of going first. That’s what it means to lead after all.

The thing about going first is that often…

The world may not be ready for the change we’re offering.

We can be right, and still not be accepted.

All of the silent, generous work we’ve done to get here will probably go unnoticed.

We’ll almost certainly be misunderstood, questioned, doubted, and rejected far more than we’re ever accepted.

If we’re fortunate enough to be chosen, it will only be by a few.

And you know what? If the change matters, it’s all still worth it.

We shouldn’t sign up for leadership for the recognition, ease, attention, and reward. They often never come. That’s just part of the deal when making meaningful change on the edges.

We should sign up for leadership because it’s important, and it matters.

p.s. Thanks in advance for leading. You’ve been more generous to us than we’ll probably ever know. We’re grateful to you.