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Some things about remarkable work

Remarkable is fluid.

Remarkable to one person, might be entirely ordinary — or even less — to someone else.

That’s because remarkable work doesn’t begin until what was expected is delivered.

The catch (and the variance) is that it isn’t what you expected to deliver that matters. The recipient defines remarkable.

Once you’ve delivered remarkable enough that it’s anticipated, it isn’t remarkable anymore. It’s expected.

Delivering what we’ve always done is a ratchet — a downward one — where the more we decide to deliver on the status quo, the easier it becomes for us to settle for average. Everywhere.

Remarkable work as a practice also ratchets. Each time we commit to delivering remarkable work as a rule, the easier it becomes to see the opportunities for more of remarkable.

And so we see — remarkable is always moving, this way or that. It’s a decision each time. And what we decide today matters for tomorrow.