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The hype

You've probably heard there are lots of concerning recession signs for global economies. Yet this is the chart for how the Dow Jones Industrial Average has performed over the last 100+ years. Not too bad.

It's tempting to buy into the hype of today's headlines. The thinking goes that hype awareness is how we get ahead. And if you pick the perfect thing, at the perfect time, in the perfect place, well, then sure, you'll end up ahead. 

That's also a whole lot of 'perfects' to nail perfectly.

More often, tuning into the hype is a trap. It's a daily rat race with only a few winners (likely not you), and where everyone else has to start over at zero the next day. 

The chart above highlights an alternative: skip the hype. Acknowledge the reality that every day won't be a win and choose to invest our time, effort, and energy with a focus beyond the frantic urgency of today. 

It's still a daily practice, and one where you don't have to start at zero tomorrow.  

Drip by drip

A garden doesn’t flourish from a flood of water.

Writing for an entire day doesn’t build a habit.

Going a day without meat doesn’t make you a vegetarian.

And signing up for a gym membership doesn’t make you fit.

Lasting change hardly ever happens through intense, sporadic, passionate bursts of action.

Change happens through the consistent, generous practice of showing up — day after day — and falling in love with a different way to see the world.


Earlier this week I published my 300th post on this blog. I missed the momentous occasion entirely, something I would’ve never thought possible when I was typing out my first post. Or my 30th. Or my 100th.

I actually can’t tell you when they all started to blend together and I started to forget about the next milestone. What I can tell you assuredly is two things:

I didn’t start out that way.

Somewhere along the way, it happened.

My writing habit didn’t start out feeling like a habit, it was more of a grind. One was forming nonetheless, and day by day, it grew a little stronger.

It can be daunting to think about sharing 365 blog posts in a year. Finding the time to write today on the other hand feels quite attainable. The value then is found in showing up consistently.

Make that one choice, and it’s amazing what can be possible. You might even miss the fact that you’ve accomplished it 🙂

How do you eat an elephant?

The popular answer is — one bite at a time. But that’s only half right.

The second part is — keep at it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. An elephant isn’t finished in a day either. As important as it is to start small + start now, it’s equally important that we show up consistently with purpose. This is the work of professionals.

It’s also how change is made. One bite at a time, keeping at it.

The star of the work

When it comes to our work, we can be the star if we want.

If it’s remarkable work that we’re after, being the star is also something we’d be better off to let go.

That belongs to those we seek to serve.

They won’t demand it from us. They’ll simply go elsewhere, choose otherwise, connect another way. We make them the star, we give them the spotlight. And because trust is something that is earned over time, and can be lost in an instant, we don’t do it once. It’s the way we show up every day.

On purpose. With intent. Seeking to generously serve. Drip, by drip, by drip….

That’s how we make remarkable change.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

The companies with the most integrity usually make the clearest promises.

And then they keep them.

DuckDuckGo, for example. (Hint: scroll down.)

No need to high behind complex algorithms, or ever-changing policies. If it’s important to you, make a promise. Make it clearly, with no exceptions. And then keep it.

In doing so, you’ve given the people like you a signal worth their attention.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash