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Ideally, we'd agree.

Ideally, everything would go the way we planned it.

Ideally, everyone would want the same things we want.

Ideally, we’d have all the info.

Ideally, nothing would go wrong.

Ideally, everyone would always act rationally. 

But then, of course, we'd all be the same, and I think the world would be a much more drab and colorless place. 

The world doesn't work this way. We don't always agree. Surprises happen. Things do go wrong. What an opportunity we have, on each occasion, to decide for ourselves how we want to show up in the world. 

It's tempting for us to give our power here over to the circumstances, or others who acted wrongly, or our fear. The truth is - our decisions are ours to own; what a gift.

So, yes, things are hardly ideal. Now, how do we choose to show up?

What's the goal you most want to achieve?

Try this: dedicate two hours sometime in the next week to get twice as specific about it.

This isn’t a tried and true method. I don’t have any statistics to prove an increase in success rates after doing this exercise.

But we can all find two hours.

And we can all figure out a way to get twice as specific about something that’s important to us.

It certainly won’t make the goal any less likely to succeed…

Are we actually bored?

There’s a place that we’ve all inevitably gotten to in our day where we find ourselves asking, “So what should we do now?”. The thing that we don’t say but we do often mean is that in this moment we feel as though we have nothing to do. And suddenly (it always seems to be suddenly), we feel bored.

Of course, this feeling of boredom does not mean that we’re actually bored. Certainly not. We know that we have plenty we could do. And beyond that, we live in a world full of more opportunities than we could possibly know what to do with. So what is really happening? And why do we feel this way if it’s not actually true?

Perhaps what we’re feeling is not actually boredom.

It might be The Dip.

That moment in between the easy part, and the hard part. In fact, it is the hard part.

See up until now progress has come, well, easy. And now, in this momentary pause, we find ourselves facing a choice that is surprisingly more difficult than what we had expected. The start of The Dip.

With patience, perseverance, and purpose things will get better again. Visible, tangible growth will come. But that’s for later, right now it feels an eternity away. Right now we’re at the beginning. Things are all of a sudden hard, and we have a choice to make.

On one hand we have no idea how much longer this newfound crucible will last. We weren’t expecting this, and we can maybe even convince ourselves we didn’t sign up for it. It certainly feels much more enjoyable to move on to something that will come easier.


We can dig in deeper.

We can commit to the hard part.

We can seek out the emotional labor.

We can name our fear and press on through it.

We can choose change over staying the same.

We can enter into The Dip by choice, acknowledging that it’s here where real change is made.

And most of all, we can choose to give the best of ourselves away to the world rather than keeping it for ourself.

Easy? No. Worth it? Yes.

Welcome to The Dip. What will you choose?