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Care and Time

How much we care.

How much time we have to give.

They are separate things.

As well intentioned as we are when we act as though we convey care purely through the amount of time we offer to others, we’re actually stealing.

We’re stealing from others because time is a fixed resource, care does not have to be. By connecting care directly with time, we’re putting an unnecessary ceiling on the care we have to give the world.

We’re stealing from ourselves chiefly because this is a horribly exhausting and unfulfilling way to live.   Constantly hurrying from one thing to the next, trying to pack as much in as we can. Consistently late, there never seems to be enough time. Wishing that we could actually show everyone how much we really care.

Time is merely a way we show we care. There are many others. And when we separate the two, it turns out that we have much more care to give, and a much more sustainable way to share it over time.